Good Domain to Buy

Why Good Domain?

Good Domain to BuyWho Benefits from Good Domain Name?

Why is a Good Domain Name Important?

A good domain name helps to:

  • Build credibility: Show your customers that you have an established business.
  • Improve your marketing: Provide customers an easy way to remember and contact you.
  • Protect your brand: Secure the domain name that best represents your business name, brand or product and keep it out of the hands of your competitors.

What Makes a Domain Name Good?

A domain name should be:

  • .com to prioritize – When you are registering your domain name, try to choose a name still available with the generic top level domain .com. Of all domain name tags, .com is by far the most marketable, and thus the most valuable.
  • Short name – is easy to remember. Keep your domain name between 5-20 characters if possible, as this will allow your name to be easiy remembered, and will increase its recall value, bringing more visitors to your site and more money to you if and when you decide to sell it.
  • Common is Better – in order to ensure the highest value for your domain name, it is important to try to make your name as marketable as possible. Branding is extremely important in establishing your site on the web, and therefore you should try to come up with a name based on a common phrase. In addition, to increase value, your name should offer as much business potential as possible.
  • Meaningful – Your name should serve as a meaningful label for the site…does it make sense? In practice, this may be difficult: the rapidly shrinking base of common phrases from which to choose forces new sites to adopt names more distant from the core conceptual domain of the site. In effect, new sites get names so obscure with respect to what the site is about that the names cease to have pertinence or relevance for that site’s being. If you are creating a name out of made-up words or phrases, try to map a meaning to that name as quickly and consistently as possible. If you are re-purposing a word with a new meaning, ditto.
  • Uniquely identifying – As a name, a domain name should be unique enough to identify the site as being that site, and no other. The name should be recognizable. An interesting consequence of the domain name crunch — with so many common words taken and so many made-up words being used for names — is that a mistyped name may not give users the dead-end of a 404 file not found error. Instead, mistype a name and you have a good chance of ending up somewhere. Are you willing to take the gamble that your visitors won’t enjoy the site they reach in error more than yours? How much difference is there, for the uninitiated and inexpert, between,,,, etc. etc.?
  • Memorable – What good is a name if people can’t remember it? This is a moot argument if you never expect people to have to remember the name; for example, if you always expect people to follow links to the site and never type the name into a browser’s location field, then perhaps memorableness isn’t a big deal for you. But if people have to form a desire to visit your site, and have to follow up on that desire by typing in your domain name, then they have to remember that name — and remember it correctly — to get there.
  • Manually Reproducible – Make your name easy to type, unless you expect people to always follow a provided mechanism for getting to your site, such as links on other sites, shortcut’s on their desktop, or even shortcuts on software CDs (that you give them).
  • Special – Some names just “click” with users; these names resonate and have a meaning and relevance easily understood. There’s an art to any act of creation — if that creation is compelling — and this characteristic of “specialness” isn’t always easy to pin down. Some names are just inspired. Hint: if you try to make it special, you aren’t going to succeed. Just let it happen, and if it does happen, enjoy it.

Ways to Secure Your Domain Name:

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