Domain Name Value

Domain Name Value

Domain Name ValueDomain Name and Website as a Key Marketing Tool for Business Growth

Having a website for a reputable organization adds value to the current operations and customers. On top of that, having a good domain name is a must too. In modern businesses, a domain and its website is an intellectual asset and when the website grows, its financial value also grows.

Getting a good domain name for website is becoming tedious and very challenging. Many companies face a slim chance of getting it since domain names are being secured by many domain name investors in the web business world.

In this century, domain name business has become similar to “Real Estate Business” which is known as “Domain Real Estate” which is very popular in the Western countries especially in United States of America. Many domain name owners are Westerners.

Taking into this consideration, is in the move to assist companies and public to secure good domain names with high value for their business and personal use or for their future investment purposes.

Taking into consideration of the futuristic value of domain names, we secure good domains and keep in our collection. If any interested party for the domain names in our collection, please contact us.

Besides doing valuation for domain names and websites, we do provide website hosting and website management services. We also serve our clients who intend to buy, sell, rent and auction domains.

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Quote by KRISARU:

KRISARU believe;

  • Name can be the Username

  • Username can be the Domain Name

  • Domain Name can be the Brand Name

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