SocialAppsHQ is a company that helps small and medium businesses

SocialAppsHQ is a Fast Growing Social Media Platform |

SocialAppsHQ is a company that helps small and medium businessesSocialAppsHQ is a fast growing social media platform. It enables over half a million Facebook pages – including that of Better Business Bureau (BBB), Cadbury Bournville, Vin Diesel, RedBus, AARP, and WebMediaBrands – with its suite of 19 apps to deliver rich and engaging fan experience.

SocialAppsHQ has integrated a whole lot of viral features and real-time analytics, within all its apps, for marketers to deliver successful social media campaigns in the most cost efficient manner.

Founded in 2011, SocialAppsHQ has offices in the United States and India, where a team of go getters is innovating each day to deliver the next generation of Facebook fan page customization apps.

If you’re a brand marketer looking at this as a creative way of just getting that one-time transaction done, you’re not recognizing the power of social media and how consumers are playing in the marketing space.” – Chris Perry, EVP, Digital Strategy, Weber Shandwick

Marketers, often challenged by the growing competition and skewed budgets, focus on accumulating fans and lose the grip over ROI. This becomes a prominent reason of inability to deliver ROI in quick time.

There is a myth flying around that it takes a long time to even get a feel of ROI through social media. As a matter of fact, one of our customer, a leading wine society, launched SignUp Form app and within a month ~12% of the fan base signed up and ~7% of those translated into it’s life time members. Isn’t it a clear ROI with quick turn around?

Marketers, please don’t get bogged down by the myths flowing around social media. With a clear strategy and your learnings from past, you can deliver unmatchable ROIs.  Read more : Go ahead and launch your campaign with viral Facebook apps

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