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Internet Terms To Explore

The Web vs. the Internet http and http Browser HTML and XML URL IP Address Email Blogs and Blogging Social Media and Social Bookmarking ISP Malware Download Router Keywords and Tags/Labels Texting/Chatting I.M. P2P E-commerce Bookmark Social Engineering Phishing and Whaling Addons and Plugins Trojan Spamming and Filtering Cloud Computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Apps and Applets Encryption and Authentication Ports ...

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SocialAppsHQ is a Fast Growing Social Media Platform | www.socialappshq.com

SocialAppsHQ is a company that helps small and medium businesses

SocialAppsHQ is a fast growing social media platform. It enables over half a million Facebook pages – including that of Better Business Bureau (BBB), Cadbury Bournville, Vin Diesel, RedBus, AARP, and WebMediaBrands – with its suite of 19 apps to deliver rich and engaging fan experience. SocialAppsHQ has integrated a whole lot of viral features and real-time analytics, within all ...

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