Social Entrepreneurship

FeelGood ~ When Grilled Cheese Can Change The World

feelgood ending hunger in our lifetime

FeelGood ~ We’re ending hunger in our lifetime. More than 1 billion members of our human family, because they lack a voice, cannot get enough food to remain alive. Every day, 25,000 perish. Every 5 seconds, a child dies*. Once you know these facts, there’s just no way to feel good unless you get busy to change them. And so we ...

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Social Entrepreneur & Social Entrepreneurship

A social entrepreneur is someone who recognises a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organise, create, and manage a social enterprise venture to make social change. Social entrepreneurs like to tackle big problems and go about solving them in new ways. Social enterprises are launched to support and enable critical social missions as well as generate earned income for ...

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