feelgood ending hunger in our lifetime

FeelGood ~ When Grilled Cheese Can Change The World

feelgood ending hunger in our lifetimeFeelGood ~ We’re ending hunger in our lifetime.

More than 1 billion members of our human family, because they lack a voice, cannot get enough food to remain alive. Every day, 25,000 perish. Every 5 seconds, a child dies*. Once you know these facts, there’s just no way to feel good unless you get busy to change them. And so we are.

We are a volunteer youth movement of changemakers committed to ending global hunger in our lifetime.

Around the country, we’re raising money for the end of hunger by running FeelGood Grilled Cheese Delis on our college campuses. Every penny we raise—100%—is invested in hunger-ending organizations with a proven track record of success.

And because ending hunger is about raising awareness as well as money, we also use our delis as a point of dialogue. Walk up to order a sandwich and through displays, literature and even the menu board, you’ll see how we transform our delis into a place where people learn about the causes of global hunger, and the hunger-ending strategies that really work. Read more……

At college campuses, FeelGood creates grilled-cheese social entrepreneurs who make money slinging melty deliciousness and then give a portion of their proceeds to fight hunger.

Grilled cheese: It’s one of the simplest food items that you can make, and yet it is so beloved. You’ve probably heard of The Melt, for example, a relatively new venture-capital-backed grilled cheese chain that lets customers order food from an app ahead of time. But there’s another organization–FeelGood–that does even more with the bread and cheese sandwich.

The seeds for FeelGood were planted in 2004 when founders Kristin Walter and Talis Apud were in school at the University of Texas at Austin. They were interested in helping to solve the world’s hunger problem, but they had little cash to contribute. So the pair started cooking up grilled cheese sandwiches, asking only that students give a donation in return. In six months, the pair raised $10,000.

In 2006, Walter and Apud launched FeelGood as a nonprofit, allowing students at universities across the country to open FeelGood grilled cheese delis. All the cash that the students raise goes to two organizations–The Hunger Project and CHOICE Humanitarian–that focus on ending hunger through sustainable practices.” We don’t [work with] too many organizations because we want to be able to have an impact,” explains Kern Beare, director of the Changemaker Academy at FeelGood. Read more……