Boost Your Website With Interactive Features

Wibiya Conduit – Boost Your Website With Interactive Features

Boost Your Website With Interactive FeaturesWibiya provides a FREE, powerful solution that enables blogs and websites to quickly and easily integrate the most popular and exciting web applications – games, Facebook and Twitter buttons, live chat, video & image galleries, and more – directly into their site.

Wibiya also gives publishers the power to manage their bar’s performance in real time through the Wibiya user dashboard, as well as connect with users instantly via real-time notifications.

Thousands of websites and blogs in 120 countries around the world – from small businesses to global brands such as Jelly Belly, Brothersoft, and Free Ride Games – are using the Wibiya Bar to engage their users and successfully promote their content, with many more joining each day.

Who are we?

Wibiya is a young and dynamic startup. We are passionate about developing the best and most effective product – which for us means we rely on our strong community of users and our dedicated team of developers who work hand in hand to make the best product possible.

Wibiya was founded in 2008 in Israel by Dror Ceder, Daniel Tal, and Avi Smila.

The company was acquired by Conduit in July 2011.

Stay in Touch

As we continue to evolve, we rely on you – our users and our community – to let us know exactly what you want and what kind of apps you’d like to see added to our marketplace. For this purpose, we are constantly nurturing our community through popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google + , in addition to more direct means.

You are warmly invited to share your feedback and let us know what you think about the Wibiya Bar. Need technical support? Visit our support center where you’ll find loads of FAQs and tutorials!