Kaspersky Security Network ~ Hybrid Protection AntiVirus

Kaspersky Security Network ~ Hybrid Protection AntiVirus

Kaspersky Security NetworkStandard antivirus programs would need at least 4 hours to block (detect and record to a signature database) the more than 35,000 malicious programs that emerge every day. Alternative proactive methods and cloud technologies are required, in addition to traditional signatures, to ensure faster and more effective protection against the latest threats.

That’s why Kaspersky Lab experts have come up with ‘hybrid’ protection that combines traditional anti-malware tools with cloud technologies. These cloud protection technologies are based on data gathered within the framework of the Kaspersky Security Network.

Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) brings together millions of users worldwide to detect new threats quickly and determine the reputation of programs and websites. With your consent, information about attempts to infect your computer and suspicious program activity is sent to Kaspersky Lab. This information is immediately processed by the automated expert system and in just 40 seconds data on newly emerging threats and their sources become available to all users of Kaspersky Lab products. A detailed description of the technology involved can be found at: www.securelist.com.

Cloud technologies (KSN) can:

  • Provide protection against the very latest threats
  • Free up space on the hard disk, as cloud databases are not stored on your computer
  • Reduce traffic when updating antivirus databases
  • Improve computer performance: cloud-based information means there is no need to analyze all application activity

Source: Kaspersky Security Network (KSN)