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Google Closes 10 Businesses to Focus on Bigger Bets

Keyword Society in Todays WebThings changing everyday in our daily web life. Now, even Google re-think of their doings.

Google chief executive Larry Page continued shedding marginal operations from the Web giant today, shuttering 10 different businesses, including everything from social search to desktop software to Web security.

In announcing the news, Google Senior Vice President Alan Eustace called it a “fall spring-cleaning.” Since taking over as chief executive in January, Page has moved to streamline Google’s operations, pulling back from niche businesses in order to focus on the biggest bets. Eustace wrote that the new cuts reflect that strategy.

“This will make things much simpler for our users, improving the overall Google experience,” Eustace wrote. “It will also mean we can devote more resources to high-impact products.”

Google is also closing Google Pack, a collection of software tools available for download; Google Image Labeler, a game that got users to label pictures to improve the quality of Google’s image search results; and Google Notebook, which let users combine clipped URLs from the Web and personal notes into documents.

The company is also closing Sidewiki, which let people comment on Web content; Subscribed Links, which let users create specialized search results that were added to the normal Google search results on some queries for their subscribers; and Google Maps API for Flash, which was created to give ActionScript developers a way to integrate Google Maps into their applications.

Those businesses join an already long list of Google operations that have closed shop in the Page era. In June, Google announced plans to close its Google Health and Google PowerMeter Services, as well as Google Labs. And just last week, Google closed the photo-sharing service Photovine only a week after launching it. Read more

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