Apple vs Samsung

More News @ Security experts coming to S.F. to test Apple, Samsung smartphones’ anti-theft features SAN FRANCISCO — The top prosecutors in San Francisco and New York say they are bringing in state and federal security experts to test the newest anti-theft features designed to thwart the surge of stolen smartphones nationwide. San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon and ...

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If There Is No Electricity So What Will Happen

A power outage (also power cut, blackout, or power failure)

Power Outage A power outage (also power cut, blackout, or power failure) is a short- or long-term loss of the electric power to an area. There are many causes of power failures in an electricity network. Examples of these causes include faults at power stations, damage to electric transmission lines, substations or other parts of the distribution system, a short ...

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Happy Deepavali, Happy Diwali, Best Wishes Greetings !!!

Greeting Happy Deepavali Hindu Indian Bollywood World Wishes

Diwali (also spelled Devali in certain regions) or Deepavali, popularly known as the “festival of lights,” is a five day festival which starts on Dhanteras, celebrated on thirteenth lunar day of Krishna paksha (dark fortnight) of the Hindu calendar month Ashwin and ends on Bhaubeej, celebrated on second lunar day of Shukla paksha (bright fortnight) of the Hindu calendar month ...

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3rd Global Childhood Conference ~ To Investigate and Explore All Aspects of Childhood

Inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary conference project seeks to investigate and explore all aspects of childhood. Thursday 18th July – Saturday 20th July 2013 Mansfield College, Oxford, United Kingdom Call for Presentations: This inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary conference project seeks to investigate and explore all aspects of childhood. The period of life prior to adulthood is one of dramatic change and development of ...

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Comic-Con International: San Diego 2013

Comic-Con San Diego

Comic-Con International once again features a massive schedule of programming events – the largest of any comics or pop culture convention in the country. The schedule spans all four days and includes 18 separate rooms in the Convention Center, ranging in size from 280 seats to the massive 6,500-seat Hall H. In addition, Comic-Con branches out to the Indigo Ballroom ...

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3DS XL Represents The Progress of Technology

3DS XL Represents 'The Progress of Technology'

More than just a super-sized 3DS 3DS XL lands in Europe and Japan a week from now, with North America joining in on 19th August. There’s been a justifiable temptation for some to readily dismiss the new model as a re-scaled 3DS with no actual technological improvements. While that’s a true comment in terms of processors and graphics chips, the ...

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Google Enterprise Search Symposium 2012

Google is holding a knowledge management event this week in KL, a few spots have just opened up. We have a number of Malaysian companies and government organizations already using our technology, so this will be a good opportunity to see demonstrations of these use cases. At Google, we’re focused on delivering simple, easy to use tools which can transform ...

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eQuake Alert Addon for Firefox For Earthquake

eQuake alert is a handy addon for firefox

eQuake Alert!!! Folks, did u ever thought of getting alerts on land disasters like earth quake, right on your dekstop . eQuake is the solution for that. What is eQuake Alert? eQuake alert is a handy addon for firefox, which alerts you with the basic information (date, location, and magnitude) of each earthquake. By default your browser will shake proportional ...

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June 26 – 29, EdMedia 2012 – World Conference on Educational Media and Technology

EdMedia 2012

The EdMedia World Conference on Educational Media and Technology is an international conference, organized by the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). Denver, CO, USA: June 26 – 29, 2012 This annual conference serves as a multi-disciplinary forum for the discussion and exchange of information on the research, development, and applications on all topics related to multimedia, ...

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Malaysia Richest Indians

Malaysia Richest Indians as below: Usaha Tegas-Ananda Krishnan-Ralph Marshall AirAsia-Anthony Francis Fernandes(Datuk Tony Fernandes) Multi Vest Resorces Berhad-K.Ketheeswaran(Dato K.Kenneth Eswaran) Chase Perdana Berhad-Mohan Krishna Swamy(Dato Mohan K Swamy) MK Land- Kasi Binariang-Ananda Krishnan-Ralph Marshall Pan Malaysian Pools-Ananda Krishnan-Ralph Marshall Tanjong Golden Village-Ananda Krishnan-Ralph Marshall Maxis-Ananda Krishnan-Ralph Marshall Tanjong PLC-Ananda Krishnan-Ralph Marshall Astro-Ananda Krishnan-Ralph Marshall Powertek Berhad-Ananda Krishnan-Ralph Marshall Quest International-Vijay ...

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