The Google hackers trying to make passwords obsolete

Remembering strings of letters and numbers could become a thing of the past – Google wants us to access devices and websites via watches and parts of our bodies.

We may not have to remember a string of passwords to access devices, websites and mobile apps for much longer. Logging in will be seen as archaic behaviour. Going online will be a seamless and much more convenient activity because security will be built into the technology we use – as well as wearable devices such as watches. 

As part of a group of “hired hackers” Parisa Tabriz manages Google’s information security engineering team at Google, which is responsible for improving the company’s product security. Her job involves developing the technology that makes it easier to use our favourite devices and websites, without compromising security. 

Known as Google’s Security Princess, Ms Tabriz spoke to BBC Future about her vision of a world without passwords – where our watches and even part of our bodies might be the key to getting online. Read more……

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