SEO Changes Dur to Google-panda-algorithm-seo-updates

SEO Changes Dur to Google-panda-algorithm-seo-updatesGoogle has released Panda update 2.2, in Seattle a couple of weeks ago. This time around, Google has – among other things – improved their ability to detect scraper sites and banish them from the SERPs.

The Panda updates are changes to Google’s algorithm and are not merely manual reviews of sites in the index, so there is room for error (causing devastation for many legitimate webmasters and SEOs). Claimed SEO experts out there, watch out on this !!!! Don’t “bullshit”¬† your clients / public on SEO.

SEO on Panda, it’s not that simple. Existing SEO practice which to modify? and which to emphasize to recover from the blow? Google can take the intelligence of this quality rating panel and scale it using this machine learning process.

You are going to be optimizing around user and usage metrics. Factors like, when people come to your site, compared to other sites in your niche or ranking for your keywords, do visitors spend a good amount of time on your site, or do they go away immediately? Panda takes measure through Chrome, Android and also Google toolbar.

Google have all this user and usage metrics. They know where people are going on the Internet, where they spend time, how much time they spend, and what they do on those pages. Dear Web surfers, don’t simply¬† visit unwanted / unethical websites. Check out whether you are being tracked or not ? They know about what happens from the search results too. Panda has gone from a search quality perspective and from a user happiness perspective.

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