Comic-Con San Diego

Comic-Con San DiegoComic-Con International once again features a massive schedule of programming events – the largest of any comics or pop culture convention in the country. The schedule spans all four days and includes 18 separate rooms in the Convention Center, ranging in size from 280 seats to the massive 6,500-seat Hall H. In addition, Comic-Con branches out to the Indigo Ballroom at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel for three big days (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) of programs and special events. The Marriott Marquis & Marina serves as the headquarters hotel for anime, nighttime films, games, the Hospitality Suite, and the Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival.

Over the past few years, as attendance at Comic-Con has grown by leaps and bounds, the number of people attending events has also grown. To make everyone’s programming experience as pleasant as possible, we ask that you follow these guidelines. While they apply to all events and rooms at Comic-Con, including anime, film screenings, and games, they are particularly important in the big programming venues: Rooms 6A, 6BCF, 6DE, 20, and Hall H. These procedures are for safety purposes and to help ease line and crowd control issues.

Comic-Con International: San Diego 2013

Thursday-Sunday July 18-21, 2013
Preview Night: Wednesday, July 17

Source: Comic-Con