hr-evolution-impact-of-technologyThought Leadership

Human Resources as a function has been in existence since as long as anyone can remember, and is arguably one of the most valuable departments of any business. That makes it a prime candidate for some “Maverick” thinking*.

Welcome to the latest NGA newsletter featuring research from Gartner! In this issue, we explore the changes that IT has brought to the HR department and the modern workforce across the employee lifecycle.

Has the prevalence of IT, as well as cost reduction efforts that drive lead to greater IT adoption, taken the human touch out of Human Resources? Does today’s HR Manager, who would likely describe him/herself as a “people-person,” feel that technology creates a bridge to the workforce – or serves as a barrier? And how about employees themselves, do they feel technological automation of HR services makes them more self-sufficient and empowered or abandoned?

This issue digs deep into fundamental challenges today’s HR department is grappling with, including:

  • What is gained and lost when HR automates
  • The fact that many HR departments have been thinking about technology wrongly from the start
  • How and when companies should better use the wealth of data at their disposal – and how HR is uniquely positioned to add value in this area
  • And why IT may be leading the HR department down the wrong path and lessening its standing in the organization

An introduction from Michael Custers, NGA HR’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, kicks off this newsletter, questioning why the user experience was such a low priority at the crossroads of HR and IT. Now, one new technology may be changing that intersection, potentially disrupting the entire HR services delivery model.

Across the entire employee lifecycle from first day on the job to retirement, there are tremendous occasions where an organization  communicates with its employees. Maximizing the user experience at all those points is key to realizing a happy workforce.  Read more : Northgate