Technology is ushering in a revolution in the field of education.

Technology Makes Learning Complete

Technology is ushering in a revolution in the field of education.Technology is ushering in a revolution in the field of education. Through audio-visual assisted classes to long distance video-conferencing, technology is helping education become more of a practical and innovative learning exercise than bookish knowledge gained in classrooms. It has also helped enhance the magnitude of research and knowledge transfer among students.

Educational institutes are offering technological tools to their students to help them learn better. Students today are also opting for institutes that offer them the IT advantage. Young students are aware of the benefits that technology based learning has to offer and they go by it to decide the kind of institutes they want to study at. Shama Nisha Singh, a college student, shares, “Technology plays a big role in increasing our information base on various subjects and that shows in the marks one scores.” She adds that through technological tools “one can know what a student is learning in a subject in USA or Australia so that we can compare our syllabi and enhance our knowledge base”. Shama is right as internet has made knowledge seamless and accessible and in this age of communication revolution no one can afford to remain ignorant.

The transition from rote learning to tech-based education is clearly evident. Swanky laptops, CDs, and elearning are now part of everyday education. A leading academician explains, “Technology has brought about a huge transformation in the education system and rote learning is likely to diminish in the coming years”. A couple of years back, online education was Greek and Latin to most people; today technology has finally arrived with a bang, and everyone has welcomed it.

The majority of people in India comprise what is called the GenNext and it is imperative to provide them the right kind of education. While e-learning ensures that data quality remains the top-most priority, it also facilitates the development of content.

Though setting up a technology-driven system is not an easy task, it has its own benefits. India has made giant strides in improving her education system, but a lot still needs to be done in terms of modernisation. The introduction of IT will not only aid the students but also the faculty, and as a result the overall efficiency of the system is bound to improve.

With the introduction of technology, the younger lot will certainly take more interest in the curriculum. It is the best way to unleash their creativity. Thanks to the Internet, everything is available at the click of a finger (or a mouse). And, the students are making the best use of this technology. Today, it is required to replace notebooks and textbooks by ‘laptops and presentations’. Read more……