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eQuake Alert Addon for Firefox For Earthquake

eQuake alert is a handy addon for firefox

eQuake Alert!!! Folks, did u ever thought of getting alerts on land disasters like earth quake, right on your dekstop . eQuake is the solution for that. What is eQuake Alert? eQuake alert is a handy addon for firefox, which alerts you with the basic information (date, location, and magnitude) of each earthquake. By default your browser will shake proportional ...

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Can any browser be considered ‘safe’?

browsers tested were veritable social-malware sieves

Judging from the headlines appearing this week on tech Web sites, you’d guess anyone using a browser other than Internet Explorer was a fool. After all, IE version 9 scored a whopping 99.2 percent in NSS Labs’ worldwide test (PDF) of the ability of top browsers to detect socially engineered malware. IE 8 wasn’t far behind at 96 percent–the difference ...

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