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Malware Warning: A Bot Going Around Facebook Chat, Skype, other IM services

Malware Warning: A bot Going Around Facebook Chat, Skype, other IM services

A newly discovered botnet is adding victims to its list by claiming to be an interesting video from a Facebook user. That’s nothing new. Here’s what makes this malware unique: it can spread via multiple instant messaging services, including Facebook Chat, Skype, Google Talk, Pidgin, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and even ICQ. The initial point of contact is Facebook ...

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FeelGood ~ When Grilled Cheese Can Change The World

feelgood ending hunger in our lifetime

FeelGood ~ We’re ending hunger in our lifetime. More than 1 billion members of our human family, because they lack a voice, cannot get enough food to remain alive. Every day, 25,000 perish. Every 5 seconds, a child dies*. Once you know these facts, there’s just no way to feel good unless you get busy to change them. And so we ...

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Interactive Educational Activities and Online Games provides free interactive printable teaching resources and interactive learning games.

A Fun Educational Website for Teachers and Kids a primary website, offers interactive educational activities and online games for teachers and homeschoolers. Dear Teachers, Parents and Kids, adding more educational resources for teachers and kids (preK-grade 6) every day. Excuse our ‘dust’ as we move into high gear! Our site includes interactive learning games, quizzes, and worksheet generator ...

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The Disadvantages of Letting Students Use Their Cell Phones at School

Play Handphone ~ Teacher breaks student's phone

In most high schools, the majority of the students own a cell phone. Whatever the rules are at their school about cell phones, students use them. Sometimes they are caught by their teachers, but most of the time, students get away with it. Having a cell phone at school comes with many advantages, but there are also negative things that ...

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Homeschooling is Better for Children and Families Than a Traditional Classroom

Kids might not need to sit quietly in their desks, raise their hands, and follow a strict schedule to end up with a decent education: A study from the Canadian Journal of Behavior Science suggests that homeschooled students outperform public school-educated kids. Researchers administered standardized tests in math and reading to the two groups of students; The homeschoolers who followed ...

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Comic-Con International: San Diego 2013

Comic-Con San Diego

Comic-Con International once again features a massive schedule of programming events – the largest of any comics or pop culture convention in the country. The schedule spans all four days and includes 18 separate rooms in the Convention Center, ranging in size from 280 seats to the massive 6,500-seat Hall H. In addition, Comic-Con branches out to the Indigo Ballroom ...

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3DS XL Represents The Progress of Technology

3DS XL Represents 'The Progress of Technology'

More than just a super-sized 3DS 3DS XL lands in Europe and Japan a week from now, with North America joining in on 19th August. There’s been a justifiable temptation for some to readily dismiss the new model as a re-scaled 3DS with no actual technological improvements. While that’s a true comment in terms of processors and graphics chips, the ...

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Why Kids Should Be Taught How To Code

There is a growing consensus that the way children in schools are being taught information technology is in need of a radical overhaul. Here John Naughton explains the problem and offers a manifesto for revolutionary action. A vigorous debate has begun – within government and elsewhere – about what should be done about information and communication technology (ICT) in the ...

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Seismic Base-Isolation Technology ~ Earthquake Engineering


Seismic base-isolation technology is the most effective way to protect your mission-critical and expensive electronic equipment. We use a patented “geometry specific” isolation bearing to decouple the equipment (or any structure) from damaging ground motions. The bearing is 100% gravity restoring which means that after the shaking stops, it will smoothly return to its original location. The bearing also works ...

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Outstanding Technology Brings Visible Light Communication To Phones and Tablets


Outstanding Technology brings visible light communication to phones and tablets via dongle and LEDs Data transmission via visible light is no longer a technological novelty, but it has yet to make its way into consumer’s hands. Japanese firm Outstanding Technology is aiming to change that with its Commulight location system, which relies on a pair of receivers to get smartphones ...

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