Good morning! Here’s the news of the day:

  1. Facebook will launch a mobile ad network at its developers conference F8, which happens at the end of the month. 
  2. Jack Dorsey’s hyped payments startup Square has talked to Google about a possible sale as its losses are growing. 
  3. Google made a high-profile hire for Calico, it’s anti-aging/anti-death health startup. It hired Cynthia Kenyon, a high-profile biochemist and biophysicist at the University of California.
  4. Jason Goldberg, CEO of Fab, wrote a passionate blog post about rebuilding his company.Have you ever been clinging onto a rocket ship, then cut the engines at full speed, and then tried to fly again? That’s what we’ve been going through at Fab the past months.”
  5. Nike has reportedly fired most of the people working on its FuelBand, and is going to stop making the FuelBand in the future.
  6. Apple and Google are competing to win exclusive rights to certain applications in their App Stores. Apple reportedly promised to give Plants V. Zombies 2 heavy promotion if it made the game iOS-exclusive for 2 months.
  7. The Wall Street Journal interviewed Samsung executive Wonpyo Hong. He is responsible for apps and services. He says Samsung is spending more on Software development than hardware development now.
  8. The class action lawsuit over tech companies colluding to keep wages down in Silicon Valley by not poaching each other’s employees is likely to be settled this week.
  9. We did an interview with Marcus Ash, who worked on Microsoft’s answer to Siri, Cortana.  “We think it’s going to be one of the next big things that distinguishes these platforms. How good is the assistant and the contextual learning technology on this phone?”
  10. New York’s Attorney General is really going after Airbnb.

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